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Marliblue & Sofyah

The upgrade from being friends to becoming partners in (djing) crime pretty much happened on Berlin’s dance floors when they found out their musical tastes were a solid match. And that’s when Marliblue & Sofyah started to become a thing – like a somewhat hidden passion coming out of nowhere. 

With both of their individual styles standing for themselves yet being mutually influential, the resulting common intersection probably is what makes them a DJ duo rather than a b2b. When Marliblue & Sofyah select and mix tunes it’s about coalescing soundscapes and moods while subtly blending a wide variety of genres ranging from dreamy downtempo to driving dub techno and from housy midtempo basslines to minimal groove with even their bpm sweet spot wandering around quite dynamically – all depending on the vibe of the occasion. 

So no matter if the party just got started, whether it’s peak time or afterhour: when you see Marliblue & Sofyah behind the decks getting in their flow, you’ll be taken on a journey through the multifaceted nature of slowravey electronica.

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Marliblue & Sofyah @ Pandora I Erdbeermund 30.09.23