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Jacob Groening somehow manages to infuse organic, gypsy, blues and soul with electronic elements … or is it the other way around? Make up your own mind. The musician, sound engineer and Dj’s songs never sound the same. Things keep shifting and fusing but still there is this gentle touch to bring some variation to the composition, and let it be sweet and subtle, and let there be house… or tech house, or slow house, whatever you want to call it. Jacob Groening is all about the experiment.

His live-set and unique dj sets have been acclaimed in a variety of destinations and constantly send him on various trips abroad.

His professional but playful approach to music was picked up by labels such as Amselcom, Steyoyoke, Delicieuse Musique, Leveldva, and Voll Schon,  as well as his own imprint, Kamai.

Take your time, close your eyes, relax and find solace in these psychedelic and hypnotic sounds.