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Coco Pop

Now based in Berlin after starting her musical career on the psychedelic shores of good ol’ Australia almost a decade ago, there’s nothing Coco loves quite as much as taking whichever room she lays her hands on for one heck of a dance journey.


Cunningly meandering between driving tech-house, chuggy grooves, melodic & atmospheric electronica, techno, classic deep house beats and the weird and trippy things in-between, Coco’s stylish sound selection, understated mixing style and absorbing presence behind the decks creates an infectious energy which she cheekily smears all over the dancefloor and into your soul.


Born and raised in northern Germany, she’s developed her passion for strong melodic progressions and dramatic phrasing through a fusion of 15 years of classical piano education and her love for the rave.


Next to talking to strangers in loud and crowded places she spends most of her time in nature, drinking frosty weissbier, giving and receiving foot massages and watching people have a really good time.

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