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When you listen to a set from Aaron Ahrends, there’s an unmistakable vibe of someone whose been around music all his life. Offering a refreshing voice in the world of dance music, with a personal take on both upbeat and deep melancholia, a unity bridges the elements of beats, sounds and voice — which are all original and all tangled up in a way that’s both dance-floor directed and dripping with mood.

Playing both the piano and guitar from a young age, Ahrends understands the layering of melodies and harmonies which are reminiscent of The Beatles and Chopin.  His teenage years were spent developing his budding vocal and lyrical style in rock bands and also a time when he discovered synthesisers and drum machines — meaning his musical possibilities became almost endless. The education he received laster on as a sound engineer helped to refine his sound aesthetic and provide a solid foundation from which his music bursts out from.

Moving forward to now, Ahrends has been picked up by the likes of Solomon, been remixed by Ada and has released on labels such Andmusic. His live act is an enchanting journey where the sound and vocals lure us into a deep space of musical nostalgia and are backed up by euphoric explosions of entrancing beats and harmony.  Here is a guy who truly translates his analog history into an ambitious modern electronic act, showing us that machines and computers can truly become instruments in the hands of the right person.