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Soukie & Windish release second full length album, ’Loom’ is out now.

Aptly titled ‘Loom’ due to the processes both the album and the artists who made it went through, this is a new perspective of the duo after their well-loved debut album ‘A Forest’ was released in 2013.

Looming its way through our moves with its dreamy, escapist moods, Loom carries accents of dirty micro-pop while managing to be both upbeat and deep simultaneously. It is an album of tension — pushing out through every carefully selected drum and every distant, distorted synth line. This is music that marks the moment when you decide not to go home.

Loom is a title which hints at their creative process; the weaving of sounds to create a fabric which is a warm coat of melancholy — a Soukie & Windish anthology expressing the way these Berlin artists are currently looking at the electronic music, whilst still delivering all the swagger and punch their previous records have never failed to project.